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23 October, 2011

Sad, exhausted, and cranky... in a very happy way.

Today was utterly draining. It was officially my last day at my church, since we're moving the DAY AFTER TOMORROW.

And it's about bloody time. ^.^.

But really, today I said goodbye to my kids... all of them. From all SEVEN years I've been teaching. I'm not much of a cryer (unless I'm alone, then the lamest of rom-coms can make me tear), but the whole day I was fighting to not cry. So naturally, I just kept reminding myself that my makeup looked amazing, and that church was not the place to audition to be a member of KISS. :]

But, it was definitely a sweet day. The kids all had their primary program today (and did AMAZING) and then I went and sat in primary, instead of going to my class. The woman who leads the music is a friend of mine, so she made a point in both junior and senior primaries of having the kids sing my favorite song. Awwh. And it amazed me how many of the older kids knew me. I mean, I've always been with the younger kids. On the LOW end of the younger kids. I don't remember the last time I've gotten so many hugs from 12 and under year olds.

I was kind of surprised, really. Lately, every time we talk to anybody outside our immediate family, it's felt like we were visitors outstaying our welcome... "Oh, we've loved having you, we'll miss you leave.... but no really... when are you leaving???"

And while there was a little of that, it really struck me how lucky my family and I are. People I don't even know know me and my situation. It's very humbling... and somehow frightening. I'm used to my little bubble.

Oh well...

Tomorrow's another busy day. And tonight, I'm utterly exhausted.

Ooooh, but exciting news!! I got a commission job lined up! So I'm not doing as many as I'm used to, but my old Halloween tradition is not dead! Heck, maybe this year I'll dress mySELF up!! What's the most morbid thing I could be that I could still look fabulous as? That I could dream up in just a few days??

Ahhh, I love halloween!!!!
 More later...


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