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23 August, 2010

Busy, Busy, and... oh yeah, busy!

Greetings, friends!!

So, I decided to go old school and try a... well... old hobby :] I've started learning how to sew. And may I say, I have a WHOLE new respect for seamstresses and anyone who can sew well. It's going to definitely take a lot of work to make my projects come out well. Lots and lots of practice! Fortunately I have a friend that goes to church with me who's keeping me grounded and making sure I stay within my ability level! Haha. And fyi, that is extremely LOW.

Though I'm getting there, I think.

Now, I should mention that I'm doing small scale. I thought it would be fun to make a bunch of Barbie dresses to put in my hope chest. Someone who is a talented sewer can let me know if I made the right decision thinking that small scale would be easier :]

BUT. since I know there are a lot of AMAZING sewers out there, I thought I would share an amazing artist I found in one of my random google-ing sessions. These are definitely a little advanced for me, but they have ultimately become my goal! I want to make almost all of them!

Here are a few of my favorites, and the first ones I'm going to attempt!!

If you couldn't tell, this is Katrina from Sleepy Hollow, and beautifully done!! The details on this dress are gorgeous. All the floral is stitched. I can't imagine having this kind of patience!
A personal love of mine is the Princess Bride. And I have always wanted Princess Buttercup's riding dress for my own! Maybe my Barbie will have to have the honor instead.

Or I can figure out how to sew it and make one for myself :]

This Tudor dress is beautiful! One thing I love about this website is that she explains what she's done to all her creations. It was interesting learning about the transition of this one! I would recommend reading her story!

I am in LOVE with this Regency dress.  If only I could get away with walking around in today's world like a character straight out of a Jane Austen book!

These are especially perfect for anyone who likes LOTR, Star Wars, Victorian era clothing, Renascence era clothing, cultural clothing, and even a few Lolita types! PERFECT for me :] And hopefully some other people will enjoy these wonderful designs as well. Please let me know if you try any of them out, and how they worked! Plus, any tips that you can give me that'll help when I get there!



Live, let live, be happy.

05 August, 2010

Hi's, Hello's, and all that Jazz

Welcome! I'm a newcomer to Blogger, though I've been blogging for a few years now. My old blog wasn't the easiest in the world to post to, so consequently, I didn't post as often as I meant to. Oops.

Anyways, my name is Cholle. I recently graduated with a degree in business management and accounting... Next stop, graphic arts. Ultimate goal: Interior Design. And as a little side project, I'm in the middle of writing a book. I currently live in the middle of nowhere and I have... way too many hobbies. Gotta have something to do in small towns, right? I've tried to, well, downsize, for lack of a better word, but didn't work out too well. In fact, I ended up with more hobbies than ever. So this post is just to say hello, introduce myself, and what I'm going to be doing with this blog.

And that is... Whatever I darn well please. :]

But to be a little more specific... 
I have a group that I help to read. I made a deal with them about three years ago. I pick out books for them, and I read them first. If it's boring, they don't have to read it. I've found this encourages kids and adults alike to find time to read. If they aren't being forced to read books they won't enjoy, they look forward to reading more. This has developed beyond my small group, however, and I have people now that I only know via the internet

I've started doing book reviews because of this. I'm also often around children, so I've had a lot of requests from parents, wanting me to check books before their children read them. After I do my synopsis, I do a rating, much like movie ratings do, but I tell you exactly what's in them. So...By all means, send me requests. I love reading books I've never heard of. I also do accept donations for this, but do not require any payment. I think reading is important, and it's a hobby I love to share. I do also do reviews for movies. Just a hobby.

Sometimes, I will also post writing excerpts, or pictures. Please, I love feedback. 

Other than that... Don't be surprised to see quite a lot of plain old ramblings. I happen to quite enjoy having a soapbox. Or just being able to write whatever I want when I'm bored.

I think that's about it, for now anyway. My last blog, I had fantastic relationships with my readers. I hope to have that again. So please, ask questions, post responses, send post ideas or requests. I promise I'll always answer.

 ~ Cholle <3

Live, let live, be happy.