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17 December, 2011

Avoiding Homework... again :]

Good.... err, afternoon! :D

I'm suffering from lack of motivation. This is going to be my undoing one of these days XD


This week has, really, been pretty bland. I've been sick for just under two weeks, so I've done a... whole lot of nothing. My bedroom looks like a hurricane ran through here, and I think I'm becoming addicted to cold medicine (haha. No. I hate the stuff. Can't wait to be rid of it! My friend and I were joking about melting some Halls honey-lemon soothing drops into some tea... and I'm actually tempted to really try it. Especially because I am getting SO sick of the tea flavors I have in my house. My consumption has increased exponentially. Which is saying something, since I've always been on a very loving relationship with tea)

I guess it's good. I've been working on homework (during the week?? WHAHHHHT??) and planning for my new church calling, and planning for crafts (yes, planning. Because I need to go shopping. and I don't WANNA go shopping. Yes, I know, I didn't think I'd ever say that either. BUT, I guess I'll have to hit up Anna's sometimes this coming week. Whooo. Linens :])

BUT, I have some great ideas for making Christmas gifts now, and I'm ridiculously excited about them. Especially because for the first time in a LONG time, I have GIRLS to shop/make for, no size limit!!! While my sister's been in Texas, it's been me and my mom against my two brothers and my dad. So now that WE'RE in Texas, we have Sheli on our side again. Plus her boyfriend's daughter, Courtney, who, honestly, I kind of adore. She's 15, and one of the coolest kids I've met in a long time, so I decided I'm going to get her and her dad Christmas gifts too... somehow. Creativity to the rescue!

Maybe I'll have some success stories to share on here. Maybe I'll even have time to make a few tutorials again!.... someday XP

In the meantime, I'm trying to break into the LDS YSA group, which I'm starting to freak out about. I can't go to institute, because it's like half an hour away on the freeway, which I have STILL not braved (scoff not. I've only been here for 6 weeks... and three of those I've been sick in bed! The other three have been unpacking, which I'm STILL not done with! Plus my car sucks! And Texas drivers are crazy!! And... shut up. I'll do it someday -.0) And I don't know ANYBODY who goes. It seems all the "friends" I've made so far are adults in the choir. Lol. My people found me, but they're not going to help me out on this. I guess it's time to buck it up and get over it.

Wow, this is a lot longer than I intended. I guess I REALLY don't want to do homework.

Oh well, here's some inspiration for today! Because even with everything seemingly going wrong, everything still seems to be going right. <3

(and because the first two are some of my favorite quotes EVER)

XOXO, Emiebee

13 December, 2011

My adventures in the new life...

Hello all! Here I am... avoiding my homework that is due tomorrow night. Stupid, but with my current nasty little headache, I'm writing it off as necessary. It's been a busy few days. Sunday, it was announced in my new ward about my TWO new callings (yes, two... which they didn't seem to remember to tell ME about, but whatever), and then I was set apart for both of them afterwards. I also sang in the choir while I could barely even talk... THAT was interesting. I'm just grateful that I was able to hit (most of) the notes and I didn't start choking on the stand. :]

On top of that, I was approached by probably a dozen or so people about the choir, which I am now COMPLETELY taking over. The coolest part? The majority of them weren't people currently in the choir, their people that want to be a part of the choir but have always been too nervous/embarrassed to participate,  and SEVEN of these people told me that for some reason, my being called to the choir director gave them the courage to want to join. Even cooler than that, there are a few people that speak very little english that have always avoided the choir because the current choir only performs in english. And they're asking ME to help them to be able to participate.

Which inspired an idea...So now I'm in the process of looking for a song or two in spanish for all the spanish speakers in the ward, that I can help the current choir members to sing in a few months!! Which will be AMAZING since there's a good portion of the ward who only speaks spanish, and has everything translated for them. I think it'll be amazing for the choir music to be directed towards THEM for once. I'm ridiculously excited about it.

It's going to be crazy, very busy, and definitely going to force me out of my comfort zone, but I'm finding the faith I need to feel confident. It's definitely scary, and stressful, and I'm going to need a lot of help, but these people are really making me feel like this is what I'm meant to be doing right now. I'm so grateful for the opportunity.

And over the last few days, one quote keeps coming to mind...

Here's hoping for the best!



07 December, 2011

Diary of an exhausted girl

Well, we officially passed the one month mark since we've been living in Texas. It's been interesting, it's been fun, but it's been absolutely exhausting. My room is STILL covered in boxes and random STUFF, as is the media room, and the garage (oh yes, I'm parking my punk rocker ugly van in front of my nice, respectable little cottage home. My neighbors must be thrilled. To date, my dogs have escaped TWICE (but, the first time, I was saved by my very own KISA (knight in shining armor), a very sweet man who drove past me, then circled back and helped me catch my dogs, then helped me walk them back. That's right, officially the first (okay 3rd... My sister's boyfriend, Mark, and his daughter, Courtney were like the day before) Texan I met was extremely nice. And that's been the case all along. Granted, the drivers are all insane, but whenever you cross the pass of someone in person, there's something nice said, or a big smile exchanged with everyone. Everyone just kind of excepts people to be nice around here. I keep noticing that people look at me weird when I say excuse me in stores. It's like you can actually hear them saying "oh honey, I KNOW you didn't mean to step in front of me"... but then, that could be because pretty much immediately afterwards, they say something along those lines. But hey, if that's the kind of "you're a freak!!" behavior I get, then I'll take it!

Church has also been interesting. The ward here is a lot smaller than my old ward, and much more spread out. And a lot of people don't know each other, where my old ward, everyone knew everyone. So it's a little less intimate, but not any less comfortable and homey. I had two weeks of taking two steps before someone grabbed me to say hi and introduce themselves. And it usually goes along the lines of "I saw you last week, but you disappeared before I could come over and talk to you." Yeah, that's because someone else found me. You would be shocked how many hugs I get a week from people I don't recognize or know their names. I also get tackled constantly about my shoes. Apparently stilettos aren't a big thing in the ward. Most women I see are wearing flats. So me with my designer heels collection seem to be grabbing some attention.

I even joined the choir. It feels great. I never realized how withdrawn I had become with my music. But I guess I was just needed here, since I walked into the choir the first week, and had the entire choir (about ten people) pretty much at once jump at me and asked what I sang. When I said I could sing either, but preferred alto, they pretty much begged me to do soprano. I found out why very soon after... There is only one soprano, and she can't read music or carry a tune unless someone is singing next to her. So now, after dragging my mom in as well, we have a few sopranos. Whew.

But then, they're going to lose one as well, seeing as LAST week on my WAY to choir practice, I was snagged by a member of the bishopric and asked to be the ward music chair... which in this ward means planning all the music for Sundays, scheduling ward members to perform, planning and putting on all the special music numbers (Christmas, Easter, etc), plus leading during sacrament meeting and... yupp, directing the choir. This girl is going to get very busy. That on TOP of making a conscious effort to get involved with the Young Single Adults, for the first time... ever.  And yet, I STILL can't transfer to the ward, as, once again, I have a full time calling in my home ward. Bahahaha. I'm really not meant for a single's ward, am I? But, I am going to do my very best to attend institute and YSA activities, which I have NEVER done before. Adventure!!!

Let's see... what else? I'm looking for a job. I'm unpacking, cleaning (constantly), attempting to not kill the men in this house (for MAKING me constantly clean), doing homework, cleaning again (and again, trying not to turn to homicide when my lazy brothers tell me I'm lazy and spoiled after I finish cleaning up after them. AGAIN.), cooking, organizing, running errands, attempting to explore the area (not easy, since I'm still kinda AHHHHHH about the crazies on the freeways), preparing for Christmas and my momma's birthday, trying to settle on a design for my room, finding the time to DO that design, be crafty, excersize, swim (yay! we have a swimming pool!) and stay warm (one day: 75 degrees, the next day: 45 degrees.), stay healthy, this is the SECOND time I've been sick since we've been here. Both times it's been bad enough that I am forced to stay in bed. Sucks.  Yes), and.... I think that's it.

Alrighty, I rambled enough.

Love, your exhausted (and currently cranky) friend.

XOXO, Emiebee