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23 October, 2011

Sad, exhausted, and cranky... in a very happy way.

Today was utterly draining. It was officially my last day at my church, since we're moving the DAY AFTER TOMORROW.

And it's about bloody time. ^.^.

But really, today I said goodbye to my kids... all of them. From all SEVEN years I've been teaching. I'm not much of a cryer (unless I'm alone, then the lamest of rom-coms can make me tear), but the whole day I was fighting to not cry. So naturally, I just kept reminding myself that my makeup looked amazing, and that church was not the place to audition to be a member of KISS. :]

But, it was definitely a sweet day. The kids all had their primary program today (and did AMAZING) and then I went and sat in primary, instead of going to my class. The woman who leads the music is a friend of mine, so she made a point in both junior and senior primaries of having the kids sing my favorite song. Awwh. And it amazed me how many of the older kids knew me. I mean, I've always been with the younger kids. On the LOW end of the younger kids. I don't remember the last time I've gotten so many hugs from 12 and under year olds.

I was kind of surprised, really. Lately, every time we talk to anybody outside our immediate family, it's felt like we were visitors outstaying our welcome... "Oh, we've loved having you, we'll miss you leave.... but no really... when are you leaving???"

And while there was a little of that, it really struck me how lucky my family and I are. People I don't even know know me and my situation. It's very humbling... and somehow frightening. I'm used to my little bubble.

Oh well...

Tomorrow's another busy day. And tonight, I'm utterly exhausted.

Ooooh, but exciting news!! I got a commission job lined up! So I'm not doing as many as I'm used to, but my old Halloween tradition is not dead! Heck, maybe this year I'll dress mySELF up!! What's the most morbid thing I could be that I could still look fabulous as? That I could dream up in just a few days??

Ahhh, I love halloween!!!!
 More later...


22 October, 2011

It is so far past official...

I hate moving.



It sucks. Epically.

We have officially been packing for TWO MONTHS. Isn't that disgusting? Who knew one family could have this much JUNK to pack??? But, I'm very happy that we're FINALLY getting close. We're now aiming to be leaving this coming Tuesday, which means we'll probably be in our new house by Friday. It's apparently still going to be crazy, pull-your-hair-out busy since my momma decided she wants us to jump into our new church, so she signed us up for everything under the sun, including several halloween activities. Most of them happening on Saturday. As in, a week from today. As in ONE day after we get there. Plus a halloween party. Plus I've been told we're going to celebrate my birthday (again) once we get down there (which, FYI, will be the fourth time I've celebrated my birthday this year. My family always jokes that my sister always tries to make her birthday into a week long event. I think I got her beat with my month-long party bahaha. :])

ANYWAY. Since I'm supposed to be doing my homework right now (I still have last week's in addition to this week's. Yupp. Moving. Rocks my socks. In a way that creates the SLIGHTEST glimmers of homicidal tendencies. Just saying.), so in an effort to keep this short, I'm just going to share a few photos that have been particularly fun (or stressful. I can't decide) to me this week.

And for more photos, don't forget to follow me on We Heart It, which I'm apparently completely addicted too :]

 I ended up not feeling like baking for my ACTUAL birthday, so we did cheesecake instead. All these boys here were pretty happy to just eat it straight, but I took each plate and decorated them in different ways. All the creative fun without actually having to bake. BUT.... really, it would have been better if we had something other than paper plates. Bahaha.

 Here's our newest "little" addition to our house. And sadly, it's almost full already. We're getting a SECOND one of Monday. See? We have a ton of CRAP. And out front yard is looking rather white trash about now.

 This is one of my puppies, Einstein. He's the only one of our four dogs that doesn't run away the second he gets outside, so we let him out while we were packing up the truck. He thought it was the coolest thing ever. He's been figuring out different ways to get into the truck, too, between finding the lines on the ramp that don't have the no-slip spikes on them to using the piled up boxes as stairs. He's a smart little bugger.

 And THIS is Cooper. It was waaay too cute that when we were packing stuff in the living room, and randomly had this wardrobe box on the ground, she kept sneaking in there and laying down. She loved it.

 Or maybe she just wanted to make sure we didn't leave her behind.

 I'm in the process (or was, two months ago :]) of making an entire line of these creepy, grungy little monster necklaces. I'm having wayyy too much fun with the morbidness of it all ^.^

 I love halloween. Always have. And since I'm probably not doing my commission cosmetics this year like I usually do, I fully intend to bake and make some silly ghoul treats this week. Fortunately, I'm finding SO many that are VERY inspirational. I have WAAAAY too many ideas.

 Anyone remember that old cartoon Ahhh Real Monsters? Or Monsters, Inc? I want to do as many different and interesting designs as possible!! Send me ideas if you have 'em!

 My mantra for the up-coming months.

 AND... how I'm surviving now :]


07 October, 2011

Oh, Sadness becomes me. :D

Bonsoir mes amies!!

I am VERY sad today. In a very happy kind of way.

As many of you already know, I am in the process of moving from Nampa, Idaho to San Antonio, Texas.

And I have about another week before I am actually moving.

But yesterday, what did I discover?

WHO is in San Antonio? THIS weekend?? The weekend of my BIRTHDAY?? The person whom to meet would make the MOST AMAZING BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER??

Oh yeah. This guy.

Tim Gunn.

And guess what?

I'm missing it by a WEEEEEEEEEEEEEK.

If you didn't hear, he did a free fashion show for Lucky Brand today (utilizing REAL women as the models. How cool is that?) and was giving away his autographed book (which is awesome, if you haven't, you need to read it. It's one of my read-again-agains. I honestly read it like a self-help book whenever I need a confidence/nicety boost.) for those that spent $100 or more at Lucky Brand. I'm not gonna lie. I would consider doing some very silly things for that book. I'm too broke to buy it. Fortunately, nobody can seem to find it in my library... Because it's always at my house :]

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I'm not exactly the type who withers when meeting a celebrity. Or talking about a celebrity. There's actually not a list of many that I really want to meet. (okay, there's THREE I would love to meet). But Tim Gunn is one of my favorite TV personalities ever. Not only is he so big in fashion, but he's blunt and honest, holds respect and manners very highly, is shows great confidence in who he is, and gave at least this girl the self esteem to feel beautiful again. I can only hope that someday I'll have the fabulous privilege of meeting this interesting man.

I can't even explain how disappointed I am. If any of you have the VERY lucky opportunity to meet him this weekend, PLEASE tell him how a very nice little girl who respects him very much was very sad to miss the chance to meet him!!

Seriously, how cool a birthday present would it have been to meet someone I've wanted to meet for so long??


Anywho. Tomorrow, my last birthday in Idaho. And I'm going to spend a great deal of the day packing. And the other part doing homework. Whooo. Do I know how to party :D