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08 February, 2012

A valentine (or three!) or.... Two nerds and a girl. :]

Good afternoon!

Today, I'm not really looking forward to all the stuff I have to get done... mainly because that is managing to find my way all the way across SA (with no idea HOW to get all the way across SA). And why am I going to do this? To go pee.

Today is my drug test. Whoo. Considering the fact that I've never even had the slightest interest in drugs, the fact that I'm required to do this for every single freaking job I get, it really is just a huge annoyance. And it's awkward. And embarrassing. And ew... gross.

Anywho, so to put that off, I've been working on... about everything else. Cleaning, working on my room, looking up a way to find my way to the library, going through blogs and craftgawker, and... whatever else I can think of.

But I ran across these...

(Found on Blog A La Cart)
I remember doing weavings when I was a kid, and I always loved doing cards that way. Just doing this on a smaller piece of paper, and do this on half. Then fold to make card. This makes me feel nostalgic and nerdy all at once. And THAT is a good combo! Also, I remember doing these when I was THREE. And I was doing them by myself by then. You can start teaching your kids paper weaving really early. Just start with pre-cut strips, and then it's all positioning and gluing/taping. And there are SO many different designs you can search for to do instead (I personally usually stuck with regular weavings, but I liked to use different size strips and interesting colour combos. It gives a really cool effect!) Remember to play as much as possible!!

(Found on Wild Olive -- I love this blog!!)
Okay, this one is a lot more girly, which isn't quite my style, but still so cute, I couldn't help it. Using clear vinyl (or clear cellophane!) paint some hearts, then cut out that and coloured paper (or fabric!) using the template on her post, then sew it together. I'm really loving how you can find hand sewn cards everywhere now. They've been made forever, but now they are getting the credit they deserve! I'm thinking using this same style with bright colour blobs, or metallic swirlys. Oh, the possibilities! Would also be an awesome idea to do with your kids! Let them finger paint! Or paint little scenes that you can match up with the bottom of the envelope! Or, or... Okay, you get the idea. But would be AWESOME for mommies!

(and, seriously, remember, follow Wild Olive! You can thank me later!)

(Found at MiniEco)
This gives me the same vibe as the first one. Nerdy pleasure mixed with the fun of my youth. I love this card. It's so chic and cool, and utterly nerd-tastic, and so easy to do! To make it even easier??? MiniEco has provided a fool-proof template on their site. (Note: It's a lot of cutting with a razor, so probably isn't the best idea for a craft with your kids...)

Now that we've all got our girly, mushy v-day phases on, I'm out!

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