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07 October, 2010

Quick, boring random...ings.

Alright, kitty cats, I know... I've been slacking. But with all the Halloween parties in full swing and my little baby costume makeup business keeping me pretty busy... Well. Yeah, I've been busy. Then on top of that, my birthday is tomorrow. I think I have the right to slack off a little, don't you? :D Muwahaha. Anywho, just a little update. I've been totally boring lately.



My days have been filled with extremely boring errands during the day, makeup appointments in the afternoons, and random, pretty darn lame fiestas in the evenings. Oh, and attempts at sleep at night.

I know, I know, you all wish you had my life. I get it.

But seriously, though. I haven't watched movies. I haven't read any books. I haven't drawn. I haven't made any clothes. I haven't used my blog on a personal soapbox (Politics are stupid. We're all going to rot if we don't get some decent candidates in here sometimes. And Obama use-to-be supporters. Toldja so. Political rock-stars that get to the top by talking are going to think they can fake it all the way through by talking. WRONG.) Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture??

I DO!!!!

So... it's gonna change :D

Starting with... reading. Because (ta-da!) I have a surefire way to break the don't-have-time-for-readin' blues.

I have a list of all of my absolute favorite books. Books that I can't put down and read again and again.

DUH. Read the can't-put-downers and you'll FIND time to read. I know. Brilliant, right? I thought so.

Anyway. I promised I would keep doing book reviews. Just be warned. These are going to be glowing :] (mostly, anyway).

stay tuned. We'll be back... well... after my birthday! 21 babay!!!

Live, let live, be happy.

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